Wednesday, November 24, 2010

swimming and butterflies

Ella's class having group swimming lessons at Clive pools last week and this week.

the boys and Yasmin waiting at the side

the whole class in week 2 of the lessons, they are getting pretty good now!

Ella and Lucy on Saturday, it was a wet day so we did some art work (on our clothes!!) Ella chose to draw a butterfly, Lucy chose a banana. ??

the finished work

one of the many butterflies currently hatching out around our garden, we have about a dozen, dotted around the swan plants this year.  Today Ella took a chrysalis to school for show and tell, left it on the window sill while we went to swimming, and when we returned it had hatched out!!! what great timing.

Lucy helped with the live release

look Daddy, he likes sitting on my hand...

Friday, November 05, 2010

certificate at junior assembly today

Both Ella and Joe got certificates today. 


looking at me?

looking at me?