Friday, April 21, 2006

off down south

just to let you all know, we are off down south for a few days, going to rent a camper van, and go explore central otago, hopefully spend some time riding the rail trail if the weather is favourable.

should have some exciting posts to update on our return at the end of the month.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

easter tramping and soak in hot pools

All had a great time over Easter, we had friends come and stay, and went tramping up in the hills west of Napier and found this great little hot pool to soak in after our day walk and picnic.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

new boots!

can't wait for it to rain and get really muddy now, as I am armed with some very shiny pink gumboots! (they reeeeeeaaally need scuffing up a bit as they are just a bit to 'kinky' to wear down the farm yet.)


Ella has started really getting into climbing. this is where she got to the other day, climbed into the basket under her buggy, and then had to call for Daddy to come get her out, as she was stuck!!!!!!! she has also earned her first decent wound as a result of falling over while trying to climb in the pantry, she slipped over and caught her top lip on something solid, which gave her a bit of a gash on her top lip OOOWWWW. (just as well she is not old enough to be too concerned about her appearance as she went to day care with a steri-strip on her top lip like some poor excuse for a fake moustashe!)

looking at me?

looking at me?