Wednesday, August 30, 2006

whos a clown?

guess what game we played at day care today?
it all started because one of Ella's friends has a broken arm and I assume the face painting was a nice quiet inside game to play with your arm in a sling... anyway all her friends, Ella included, then had to have their faces painted so they could all be happy little clowns together...

Monday, August 28, 2006

guess who we bumped into down the street

Hilary and Doug just happened to be cycling up our street yesterday, and Ella and I were off on our bike about to go for a ride, when we crossed paths... Ella was excited to see a Dog getting a ride on the bike just like she was getting a ride on Daddys bike. When we rode up for a closer look we discovered that it was 'Monty' the dog with Doug and Hilary, doing some sight seeing by bike in the Hawkes bay. So we all flagged riding and stopped for coffee!


sunrise at the beach...

All on the slide at once!
daddy, guess what I want...

not a bad day at the mountain. This from one of the back streets of Ohakune...
Hamish, Janet Mum Ella and Nicola at Turoa.
Dad and Ella getting some sledding action!!!!! unsure who had more fun Dad or Ella...

and then some bush walking
and a walk in the snow to see a frozen lake and waterfall...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

on holiday

having a great time on holiday.
went to the beach last weekend and had great weather. caught up with a few friends which was great.
Ella enjoyed the beach.
now we are in Ohakune, and went to the snow yesterday, Ella and Daddy hired a sled, and had a ball sliding down the snow!!! photos to follow when we get home.
a few more days of chilling out and then back home to work etc...

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Sophie and Nat stayed over on saturday night, and Ella and I had fun baby sitting them while Guy and Theresa went out on the town!
Finn joined us on Sunday for a session in the swing under our tree, and a good session at the playground topped off with ice creams!!!

busy week!

well it has been a busy week, already sunday night, and another week about to begin.
Deb, Terry and their kids Catlin and Ben stayed all week, visiting the Hawkes bay on holiday, and enjoying more than just the wine trails...
Ella enjoyed having friends staying over in her room,

and Catlin was superb at keeping the noise down if either Ben or Ella woke up with plenty of sssshhhhhhhing.

We all had a great time at a playground in Napier, even the Mummies couldn't resist being part of the action...

Terry and I went surf casting, but no beginners luck for us... the fish were not biting. (well not for us anyway.) we did come home with a catch, but it may have come from the fisherman just next to us on the beach rather than from our rods! might have to try again next weekend.

Monday, August 07, 2006


I don't want any more bottle Daddy, Here Piggy, you have it...


this is Ella playing spotlight thismorning. It was quite funny as she was dancing around the room trying to stand on the spot of light that the torch was shining on the floor, but of course as she moved so did the light!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

toy of the week

the couch, because now I can climb up and over the couch, it is just like a jungle gym. This includes climbing right up and over the back of the couch and getting down between the couch and the wall. I often get stuck here, but Daddy comes and rescues me so then I can go around and climb over again...


had a great weekend away down on the Farm with Grandma and Poppa. Ella had fun pointing and naming things, this is the latest development, she is always trying to point to something and name it. She is pretty good with animals, sheep get 'Baa Baa', dogs get 'Woo Woo', Cats get 'Maoo', cows get 'Mooo' most of the time as do horses, (we have to work on that one, she needed correcting to get the 'Neigh Neigh' right for horses...)
started getting 'Poppa' and 'Ma' right too, by the end of the weekend.
We called in on friends at Whana-iti on the way home, and Ella had a very busy afternoon, playing with Finn (4) Nat (2) and Sophie (1) tearing around the house, and jumping on the Tramp etc... (she almost fell asleep at day care the next afternoon, which is almost unheard of! she was so smashed)

looking at me?

looking at me?