Sunday, May 31, 2009

todays little craft efforts

match stick man, with gem stone eyes...

NB: I've just been told that I mistakenly had the pussy cat upside down, so here is the corrected picture, the right way up with legs at the bottom, it all makes sense now...

mana the pussy cat.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

not hanging around anymore

you will be glad to know Lucy is no longer hanging from the slippery dip (aka slide), I have got around to updating the blog...

seems to have been a busy week somehow. Ang had a day off on Tuesday and got to go with the kindy on their excursion. They went into the city to the library to see a theatre group put on a production based loosely on the story 'The Terrible Plop' I'm not going to explain it, you will have to get the book out and read it yourself.

Lucy and I have been busy, she has decided she no longer needs as much sleep as she used to, (shame that) but it had to happen some time. she is soooo into Play dough at the moment, if she happens to see the right cupboard open then there is no going back, the play dough just has to come out. (her salt intake could be a little high just at the moment but i think she is getting the hang of just pretending to eat her playdough cookies...)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lucy just getting the hang of this particular slide...

Just as well Ella was on hand to help...
(and yes Ella did make it to the toilet in time, if you noticed her dancing the toilet jig...)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

craft morning

Ella and her craft activity friday at play group. (princess dress up...)

Annelise and Ella, at Annelise's 3rd birthday party. Princess theme in case you didn't work that out...

Ella and Isaac (the pirate prince...)

Barbie cake and a marshmallow castle!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

off to kindy

with Charlotte and Ella in the trailer. (dont worry, this was set up with the camera attached to the back of Lucy's seat, I was infact concentrating on steering forwards...)

little red convertable

would do nicely thanks Dad

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Cleland wild life park

this weekend as we had a loan of some wheels, we headed up to Cleland wildlife park in the hills, and got up close and personal with some Roo's.
Even Lucy was getting into it by the end of the afternoon.
just another car full of tourists, scratch my bum, bringing me handfulls of pellets to crunch on, the service is pretty good round here.
Lucy having a pat with a mummy Roo. (they are the grey ones, Daddys are the rusty colour.)
Tasi Devels
These guys wouldn't be so friendly if they were in NZ today, being duck shooting opening weekend!!! the season opens over here in April, so these ones have been hiding out here at cleland for a week or two already no doubt
us and Willow the sleepy Koala
another Koala, not up to anything in particular

Cooler weather.

this week we have finally had to dig out the winter kit, and get into thermal layers and fleece.

Ella was pretty happy to get into some of her favourite winter gear too.

Woaaah back Dad

Dad, take me away from the hairy monster, or I'll rip your ears off...

looking at me?

looking at me?