Sunday, October 31, 2010

Swim time in Rotorua
Halloween !
 Little Mr Pumpkin Head...       hoooooohhhahhhhhhahhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Lucy wrapped up her bottle today, and left it in the garden for the fairy.
Lucy and her new cup, from the fairy

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

School holidays update

First week of the holidays we went up to the beach. Don't know who was having more fun here, me or the girls...

 Lucy and Dani at Grandma Jenny's
 Lucy at Grandma Jenny's house
 Hunting in the rock pools with Grandma Margaret

 Ella came fishing with me and Barry
 Captain Ella
 Ella had a go at holding the fishing rod
 Daddy caught this one but Ella helped wind him in...  (only little snapper out today...)
 School Holiday fun, Lucy having fun in the sand, with the Bennet family, who came and stayed in the sunny HB for a weekend.
 Island Bennet
 Abbey digging the in the river

 7 kids for dinner! fun
 how to top and tail...
 sightseeing at Napier
 Lauren and Lucy
 Ella enjoying some quiet time with a new toy
 Finn with his new Meccano set
 Nat with his new toothy smile!
Check out the fish Finn caught for his own birthday dinner... sometimes you just have to go out and get it yourself huh Finn.

looking at me?

looking at me?