Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Aunty Tarra has been busy

Not that it's been particularly cold, but Aunty Tarra has been busy knitting Ella a set of mitts and matching tuque (beanie for those of you without Canadian blood) see little knitter link...
This is Ella saying THANKS AUNTY TARRA, YOU ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ella didn't want to take them off, once she had them on and had to continue to wear them while she had breakfast and did colouring...
also note the other favorite knitted item, the jersey with the lady bugs and flowers on the collar, by Grandma...

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Been a busy morning here, started at 7.30am as the truck and boys turned up at the same time and poured cement till about 11. wont take long for it to set on a day like today!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

bull riding and Ness + Alistar visit

Alistar and Ness taking in some country entertainment at the bull riding in Waipuk, with Guy and the boys Finn and Nat, and Ang with Ella.

and a bit of a sleep over at the Beamishes place

Mark is back from the UK and to welcome him home, there was a bit of a BBQ at Davids place, Ella had a ball on the swings well after bed time... and played with Jake and Milly

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

guy fawkes and Sally B visit

Friday:Spring theme at music, so Ella was pretending to be a lamb, (with some help from Dad to paint her face...)

Authentic Lamb Ella, even with wool on!

life is a breeze under the parachute...


then a ride or 2 on the merry go round at the fireworks on Saturday night

can i do it again Dad... PLEASE!!!

so second time around with friends Gracie' and Henry. Grace on the yellow horse, and Henry in the black car just infront of Ella

Sally B, Katie and Henry, waiting for the fireworks, and tucking into a great picnic dinner in the park.

Finally the fireworks! Ella didn't want to look, but couldn't help herself as she kept peeking out to see the next one...


the picnic crew.


Then a birthday party to attend on Sunday, this is her pal from music group John, turning 3 in style...

And then we had to wave bye to Sally as she headed off on down to Wellington. See you next time.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Meg's visit

Meg came to visit today, as she was getting in the way of the painter next door and needed to be kept away, as the painter had to growl her yesterday...
well that was fine, only Meg managed at some point to find a way through the fence, got around the back and flogged the painters keys while he was not looking, and then brought them back here with out him noticing. When i found her chewing the key ring on the back lawn, and couldn't work out who's keys they were, i asked the painter, and sure enough he had just spent the last 10mins looking for them.. just gos to show, you can't pick on Meg, or she will get you back double...

looking at me?

looking at me?