Monday, February 19, 2007

busy week

Ella on Poppa's Piano...

time to update! been hectic here this last week, Ang was on nights and Me and Ella tried to lay low as usual.
add to that i had a day of work down in Dannevirke, so Me and Ella went down and stayed with 'Grandma' and 'Poppa' on wednesday night after work, and then Ella had a great day with Grandma on thursday, they went to music and about the town (Dannevagus) to see friends. I came home thursday night, and Ella stayed on with Grandma and poppa, who both came up on friday afternoon to Uncle Phillips birthday party in Napier.
Grandma and Poppa stayed with Judith/john in the bus friday night after a leer-up down marine parade (art Deco weekend in Napier) and then came and stayed with us saturday and sunday nights. Poppa got to work on creating a great see-saw for Ella for her birthday, and spent all day Saturday bending/welding/grinding/drilling... Photos to follow (next weekend)
Ang and Grandma spent some of saturday bottling peacharines (yum yum) And I spent all day saturday on a sanding machine, getting the old paint finish off our kitchen/dining room floor, and then Me and Dad spent all day sunday laying some new flooring, while the girls went to the farmers market, and town etc... I have got more than 1/2 of the floor done and will lay some more this week, hoping to have it all finished by friday. Grandma and Barry will turn up on Wednesday, and help me do the last of it probably.
Well that is all for now, it's 11pm and just waiting for Ang home after a 'long day'.

Sanding Sanding Sanding

more sanding

Starting to lay boards

Half finished, (there is still some to do around the corner in the kitchen and laundry...)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

few days at the farm

Ang and Ella riding

Ang had a few days off leading up to starting nights, so we have been down the farm staying with Cole and Tania. Ang had fun riding and I helped Cole dag lambs and fix gates etc. Ella spent some quality time with Aston the dog, and is now a lot more at ease with being up close and personal with Aston. Ella even managed to get Aston to sit for her a few times. Ella also spent some time with Grandma, and went to swimming and to music with Grandma while Ang and I did other things. Photos to follow, (we left the memory card behind in Tanias computer...)
Uncle Cole jumping over the wool shed!

Ang is on nights this week so Ella and I will be laying low, trying to keep quiet around the house...

looking at me?

looking at me?