Sunday, April 27, 2008

congrats to Colin and Tania

Welcome to baby Dani Michelle, born friday morning 25th/04/08 (on Colin's birthday, what a present!) and weighing in at 8lb5oz just the same as both Mum and Dad!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

End of April

Ella 3, Lucy at 13 weeks

Lunch at Katie and Jason's on the first weekend of April
Left to right Finn Nat Ella Henry Sophie and Grace,
Back row: Libby in high chair, Katie and Jason Ang Theresa and Rose.
Ella offered to drive us to Pauanui, but I suggested that if she can't even get her sunnies on the right way around then perhaps she shouldn't be driving us in the car...
Lucy, Grandma Margaret and Ella
We all converged on Pauanui for a weekend, Grandma Jenny and Poppa even came up for a few nights, as Poppa had a 100th birthday party to go to in Whitianga. (one of his aunties) There are still 2 aunties surviving, one in Whitianga, and one in Havelock north, along with Uncle Wallace who is also in his 90's and lives in Havelock North.
We also got the chance to go and catch up with Brian and Joyce and went for a lovely walk in the old gold mines around Waihi. Ella enjoyed walking in the dark tunnels with a torch, and a quick ride in the little train...

Ella holding class with the miniature teddies, Cinnamon (the tiger) lying in the back ground
Joyce getting a cuddle with Lucy.

Me getting a birthday present on the 23rd. Ella was more excited about the whole thing than me i think...
Dress up day at Piccolini
Lots of fairies
Ang and Lucy having a coffee with Daddy to celebrate my birthday
Ella was pretty excited when the fluffy came with a chocolate fish!
Icing Daddy's cake. Ella helping with the dishes, Won't need to wash this one mum, I've licked it clean....
yum chocolate icing...
Smiles for Daddy on his birthday..
Dawn service at the Onga Onga memorial
Ella helping to place a Poppy on the statue, (for the soldiers)
Bumped into cousin Lachie after the service, He was pretty excited to see Lucy again, and Ella and Lachie had fun tearing around the Onga Onga fire station.
Ella and Lachie racing, around the lawn
Lachie getting a turn on the fire engine. Hope it doesn't leave with you on the back Lachie!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

start of april

Narly took some great shots of the girls over easter, this one of lucy is her doing tummy time on a black background.
this is Ella half way through dinner, giving Narly the eye.
and this is a the result of Narly asking Ella to do the biggest smile ever at the count of one two three! ( I think it's more likely that someone asked Ella for a bite of her easter egg with the one on the left!!!!!!!)
here is Lucy a few nights ago, giving Daddy some great smiles !
more smiles

looking at me?

looking at me?