Thursday, December 27, 2007

christmas & 10 tianui drive.

in front door and then looking right down the hallway, behind the lounge to the 2 smaller bedrooms (towards the garage)
standing looking towards the back of the house, (the extra lean too off the back of the house is currently a double bedroom, separated from the house by the washhouse.

large byfold doors separate the kitchen from the patio
looking down from the kitchen, washhouse on the left and then the extra double bedroom/play room....
wash house
double room in leantoo added on the back. (or 4th bedroom or play room)
looking back at the house from back garden
tree house

car port, with back 2-3metres of shed walled off as storage space.
standing in the door at the end of the car port, looking into storage room
carport looking towards patio.

santa's helpers putting together the 'kitset playhouse santa left under the tree for Ella...'
Ella you are really quite helpful when you climb on me like this...
Just inspecting the progress Poppa, yes you are doing ok, there is now a door.
Nearly Roof shout
Ready for after the roof shout, look mum just long enough for Daddy to sleep out here if he gets too many beers for the roof shout...

Knock Knock can I come in?Welcome to my play house. thanks santa.

Ella doing some rythmic dancing with the new ribbon
more pictures to come, but a great couple of days were had by all and Ella throughly enjoyed Christmas 07!

Monday, December 03, 2007

dance moves, just watch the dizziness...

Ella doing a little dance. Just because she wanted to.

if i had left the camera running a few more seconds, it would have caught her saying "woaaaaah I'm a bit dizzy..."

looking at me?

looking at me?