Wednesday, November 29, 2006

its alive!

let go of the power cable Ella....
(No seriously, no power cable involved, just Ella worked out she can turn on the dehumidifier and the fan blows her hair up in the air...) maybe we could gel it in that position and design a new hair style...

captain hook

thats better Nat, where is your hook, Captain? hhhaaaarr hhaaaar hhhaaaaar

Dress up

at the Beamish household

Ella the princess and Sophie loafa the dreadlock fairy

then nothing like a good dig in the wet sand pit after the big kids have been in there creating lakes and erupting volcanos with the garden hose...

Nat the Tiger fairy. (yes I was confused too...) hopefully a stage that he will grow out of...


up the peak with Grandma and Barry.

and when it gets too steep, and i'm tired, i can just talk Barry into a shoulder ride...

party at uncle mikes house

Poppa taught me some cool balancing tricks and how to do a forward roll on the trampoline, and Lachie drove us round the lounge on a train we made from all the little chairs...

new tricks

thanks grandma, for teaching me how to blow this recorder, now when ever i see one i am able to make a LOT of noise...

Monday, November 20, 2006

who me?

oh that, no that wasn't me, um that was that rolly dog, not Ella, she wouldn't run down the hall with the loo paper spinning off the roll in the loo! I just happened to be walking past and noticed the paper on the floor Daddy...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Weekend fun with the Beamish's

Saturday morning sleepin with Finn and teddy's... Don't tell Mummy, but Daddy took me to McDonalds and I had a burger all of my own, and fries and was then super charged for an hour of fun in the playground!!!!!!!
Nat and Sophie were having a ball too.
Everyone was supercharged, in more ways than one, look closely at Sophie's hair, all up on end with the static charge from the warm plastic slide... shocks all round!!!
Ella had a ball on the slide too...

Then we went fishing at the Napier pier. Well Finn went fishing (with a support crew of at least 5.) The girls just hung out in the porta cot, and threw bread to the sparrows. No fish caught this time but Finn got his cast down pretty good, and could cast just about half way across to the inlet! (no eyes or fingers missing at the end of the day either which was good.)

gisborne wine and food fest

Ella getting a ride on Uncle AJ's long board, (thanks for the style tips uncle Cole, they came in handy on this occasion.)
and then this one might come up again later in Ella's life, Dancing on the tables at just 20 months... look out

looking at me?

looking at me?