Saturday, September 25, 2010

celebration book

Ella got a mention in the Principal's celebration book this week. This involves getting up for a special mention in front of the whole school! Ella was dressed in Japanese theme on friday as all the kids were allowed to dress up in whatever nationality they wanted.

Looks like Mr Bain the principal went Japanese too.

As for celebration I had a little of that today, I managed to place 5th in the Taupo to Napier bike race (in the B-grade, so not with the elite boys!) Had a great time riding down, as I have always wanted to ride that bit of road, and now I have.
It took 3.30 hours to cover the 140km from the Taupo fire station to Pandora pond in Napier.  average speed 38km/hour top speed 90km/hr. Quite a good tail wind (hence the good time, it typically takes about 4 hours) Loved the long decents down into the Mohaka, and then down from the Titiokuras to Te Pohue.
see the profile...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

first school ball!

Ella's class after the dress up ball!
In the class room afterwards.

Lucy at daycare.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Great weekend over in Ohakune...
snow on Friday night just the ticket for a snowman on sat morning, followed by some sled action sat afternoon.
I got a MTB ride in on sat morning, and rode for 2 hours in the mud!!!


looking at me?

looking at me?