Wednesday, May 21, 2008

may madness

trip to town for Finn, he came up for a few days in the last week of the holidays, and got to go out to the movies, ride on marine parade and go to marineland to see kelly.
rabbit stew with the neighbours, thanks Glen for preparing it, and Cole for raising and shooting it... All Glen's idea...
Mark and Rebecca's wedding in Hamilton. Apart from a brief shower at the start of the ceremony, a nice afternoon had by all. unexpected catch up with Mike
Ella posing for photos
photo op while we were all dressed up...
mike getting a cuddle with Lucy (needs the practice, he's soon to be a daddy too)
Ella 'planting a garden' (on the reserve at the beach) after a great 'Celia Hunt' for pretty sea shells and things on the beach.
A special birthday treat from Aunty Sarah and Uncle Mike, a fairy art work for Ella's wall.
Ella off in the chopper to rescue the baby elephants and fox's
Focus health staff do, full on cowboy gun slinging showdown... 6 shooters, winchesters, shot guns, 38 c police pistols, laser sights, targets, etc etc, followed by warm mince and spuds, and a few beers and overall results. (I came 5th overall and 3rd in the 38calibre section) also got to have a go at letting off an old muzzle loading rifle which has the most distinctive ring to it, like a small cannon going off!!! something different you don't get to do every day...
One of the resident cowboys...
Gay letting off the muzzle loader
David launched his new boat last Saturday at Pakowai so we went down for a look and got a short ride. Tom Joe and Jake enjoyed the ride!
Joe mostly enjoyed the mud.
The gumboots took some effort to extract!!!

Monday, May 05, 2008


the sort of stuff Dani has to look forward to... this is Ella having a bath at Uncle Cole's house a few months ago...
"Look Daddy I'm a snow flake" said Ella

looking at me?

looking at me?