Tuesday, July 25, 2006

art work

just some examples from the painting session this afternoon at day care.

The finger painting is obvious, but the work she did with the brush, is a little more abstract, I'll have to check with Ella as to what that is?

I think there might have been more attention paid to ownership of the brush than applying the paint to the canvas...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

oompa loompa

Ang didn't see the funny side of my comment that Ella looked like a little Oompa Loompa person in her new tights. admittedly I did pull them up a bit high over her pj's, and I am sure they will look smashing under a denim skirt (we went shopping today...) but I just thought it couldn't go unnoticed that with them pulled up over her tummy she did look a little like a little Oompa Loompa girl... you decide...

I couldn't find any green hair, so we went with a stripy hat, but the green hair would have really set the look off... this is Ella doing the Oompa Loompa dance down the corridor...

Click on the link below if you would like to listen to all the classic Oompa Loompa songs!!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

what do you want to be?

I wonder if Ella was thinking about what she wanted to be today?

Early thismorning we had the Space walking astronaut,

Then later today at a friends house we had Ella the builder,
Or perhaps she really just wanted to be a fireman like Grace…

Special Guest Appearance

The latest from the Hong Kong Cat walks of high fashion, Starring 'Ben' Kalupahana styling the latest in white 'puss in boots' heels, (not quite kinky boots) and a luxurious Tabby coat, The plush fur he’s modelling here brings out the striking yellow green highlights in his eyes, and the black rings worn on the tail just set the whole look off… wiskers, look out New York.

Tick tock

Ella is such a fan of clocks, I thought I would add one to the blog. Most mornings at breakfast, so long as I don't have the radio too loud, Ella notices the old wind up clock on the wall ticking away, and starts chirping away with "tick tock tick tock" nodding her head from side to side and pointing at the clock.
Cute, but one of those things that you have to be there to appreciate...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

toy of the week

With the weather being the way it has over the last week or so, the toy of the week would have to be the crayons. We have Ella's art adorning most of the walls around the kitchen, and the fridge has disappeared under magnets and pictures. Abstract of course, make of it what you want.


nothing like a trip to mitre 10 with daddy! they have this cool play area in the shop, where I can play and go down the slide, which is especially good today as it is POURING down with rain, and I cant go outside...

then when we left the play ground, I found this new tractor for the sand pit, but Daddy wouldn't let me bring it home. (something about it not fitting in the sand box, but I think Daddy was just making it up, I'm sure it would fit.)

anyway Daddy got what he needed and we went back to boring old home, in the rain, and I had to get out my crayons instead.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Progressive dinner

bring back the 80's! last sunday we had the honour of being one of the hosts for a progressive dinner for my work place, part of a fundraiser for a local hospice. Grandma Jenny came up and took Ella all round the Hawkes bay on a tour to catch up with all her friends, and we had the afternoon to prepare the house for 18 guests sitting down for an entrée. nothing too exciting just two different flavours of soup, and a selection of breads, but glad Grandma could come as we had to borrow a few extra bowls!!! we had a great night out and Grandma and Ella had a great afternoon too.

Dancing Bella

Aunty Tarra took this photo the other weekend while we were at the beach, Ella loved playing with these little bells, dancing around the house with a bell in each hand ringing them as hard as her little hands could go!!!

she also helped out with the sweeping up at the end of the weekend, (it's a phase I assume, she just has to race around with the broom, just like the adults) really getting into copying things at the moment.

ps, that bruise has gone now...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Simon says:

Simon says touch your hair,

then Simon says touch your Ears

Then Simon says touch your nose

then Simon says touch your Eyes

then Simon says touch your tongue

and touch you toes...

don't be silly Daddy, you can't catch me out that easily...

Monday, July 10, 2006

lazy days at the beach

yes even in mid winter you can still have lazy days at the beach. Ella didn't take long to copy Anabel and lye out on the deck in the sunshine. We enjoyed a long walk along the coast, beond the end of the beach, and caught up with some friends from Tauranga, and Hamilton. 'Aunty Tarra' came over and stayed a few nights and caught up on Ella and her knitting...

Ben didn't want to hang with the lazy girls, opting instead for playing ball with the big boys, (ie me and Johnny.) (Anabel and Ben are Johnny and Bridgets kids.)

eyes better

yep, the eyes are all better now, and we have had a great little jaunt up north to spend the weekend at the beach. post to follow.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

eyes getting better

Have been putting some ointment into Ella's eyes, and they are almost better now. Ang has 3 more nights to do, then we are off for a relaxing weekend up north!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

laying low

Ang is on nights this week so me and Ella took off down the farm for the weekend, to allow her to sleep all day. We had to help Poppa and Uncle Cole scan the ewes, then we had some time for the swing, and to find some other friends around the place.
Ella is not quite 100% at the moment, having caught a dose of Conjunctivitis from day care. Not that the blood shot eyes and having her eyelids stuck together in the mornings, is slowing her down much, she doesn't seem to mind too much. (she only complains when I try to wipe the gunk off her eyelids! usually succeeding in spreading it from her eye to halfway down her cheek...)
Sunday afternoon we came back to Napier and have been to the Basketball semifinal between Nelson and the Hawkes Bay Hawks. Ella quite liked the mascot (a man sized Hawk, that did the chicken dance at half time...)
Might have to avoid Day care for the next few days, and allow her eyes to settle down.

on the swing

Higher, Higher Grandma, just don't tell mummy how high I like to go on the swing!!!!!!!

(check out the tongue, must be concentrating on holding on tight!)

Grandma's Chicken

Ella got right up close and personal with Grandma's pet chicken, stroking it, and then squeaking with laughter/anxiety and backing off before plucking up the courage to come up and stroke it again...

where is the kitty?

here's a house, here's a door, windows one, two, three, four...
where is the kitty cat?

HERE SHE IS!!!!!!!!



Wooo Wooo, Grandma look at the dog, it's chasing the Baaaa Baaaa's....

counting sheep

Boy oh boy Grandma, all this counting sheep is making me sleepy!!!!!!!!

Dad do I really have to scrub the floor?

yes Ella, as you are the main culprit for getting that floor grubby, you can learn how to scrub it.
(just kidding, she was actually making little car noises pushing this sponge around the floor.)

looking at me?

looking at me?