Friday, April 27, 2007

off to the south west.

Ella and Jack.

We will be away for a few weeks, as we are traveling down south having a autumn holiday, (freezing our butts off in a camper van somewhere in the south island...)
will update after the 10th of may.
enjoy autumn everyone!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Narly and Rachel's Wedding

Great afternoon of Golf on thursday, I competed in the Kalupahana Classic, and managed to card a 129 round, which supposedly is not too bad for someone who has never played 18holes of golf before... I even managed a 280m drive off the Tee at the 18th, (with witnesses,) and made par on the par4 hole! other holes were not so crash hot, with highest score on one hole being 11! I did get involved with water hazards on about 4 occasions, but achieved my goal for the day, being to finish with the same ball that I started with!!! so I was well pleased. Then we all went out for a few beers, to celebrate Narly's birthday and kinda ended up being a very tame Stag do.
Ella found a new friend at the wedding, (this is Thomas) and she really enjoyed the Party!

Narly and Rachel were looking smashing as you would expect, and Narly did have a hair cut just 3 days before his wedding. (although it may not look like it!!!)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

busy easter

has been a busy but rewarding Easter, Ang's parents came and stayed from Thursday through till Tuesday lunch time, and we had a productive weekend with the renovation. Barry helped me with painting all weekend, and Grandma helped by spending time with Ella, and helping out in the garden and kitchen. We had great weather all weekend, which was nice, and made the most of having Barry and Margaret here staying up till after 11 every night socialising and going over things that they will be doing while away on holiday this year. Unfortunately with our plans to be away at the end of the month and then Ang on nights, we are not going to get another chance to see them before they leave, and then it won't be till October in spring, that we will see them again. Ella will have changed so much by then! Add to that we have a house guest this week, a friend from Hamilton that is attending the Drama school locally for 8days, from last Saturday through till next Sunday. Poor thing, had to put up with Ella waking up in the wee small hours, as she has been sharing a room with her. She will get better sleep tonight.
Off to Wellington tomorrow, to spend a few days with Narly, and then help him celebrate his wedding on Saturday. (also going to fit in a golf tournament, stag do, cricket, and watching a game of Rugby, along with a few quiet wines.) will update with some photos after that.

looking at me?

looking at me?