Wednesday, January 28, 2009

did i mention the heat

been to town this morning with both girls on the bike/trailer, did a few jobs, and then came home around 11. it had already gone above 40 by then, and when I checked the outside thermometer at 11.30 once the girls were sitting down having lunch, it had gone to 46.
after lunch Ella needed to go down to kindy, so off we went again, out into the oven that is outside, and dropped Ella at kindy. (thankfully they have a air con unit, and I noticed several more inside activities set up and nothing set up outside so heres hoping they can convince the kids to stay inside...)
ok, back yard cam records it at least 47 out there now(1pm), I wonder if it will hit 50. not many recording markings left on my thermometer...
Ella did well at swimming lessons last night, managed her back stroke and kicking realitively well, but struggled with front crawl (first time for that stroke.)
Lucy has discovered how to open cupboard doors in the kitchen on her own, and appart from trying to steal beer out of the fridge is doing very well. She is quite confident cruising around the furnature now, and wont be long before she takes her first steps I think.

Heat update, it is now 4pm and the thermometer is hitting 48. the BBQ thermometer also confirms this, as it is indicating about 50deg sitting in the shade, and no it has not been lit since yesterday...
the forecast as it stands at the moment suggests 44 today, 44 thursday 41 friday 40 sat and 40 sunday 39 monday and 38 tuesday.
so it's not looking like changing in a hurry...

going to be hotter today

didn't go below 31 overnight, and forecast high today is 44. can expect at least a few degrees more than that where we are in the city, as the closest weather station is at the airport, (closer to the sea breeze and out in the open in a large area of grass.) unlike us in the city surrounded by tarmac and concrete. Will be interesting to see just how hot it gets.
Ella enjoyed Kindy yesterday, and is off there again today.

well i now know what 46deg feels like

Yep, 46 degrees in the shade in our back yard. needless to say the aircon is getting a workout...

our big kindy girl today.

on the mat time at kindy

Lucy and I decided we needed to cool down. Lucy didn't realise I was watching over her shoulder

Ahhhhhh caught! I didn't hear you come into the kitchen Dad, what do you mean I'm not allowed a beer yet?

Lucy trying to show her NZ colours (on Australia day...)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Lucy's Birthday

Lucy got to celebrate her birthday three times this year, first while grandma was here early in Jan with the other Kiwis (maddie, Zac, Hannah and parents), then again on her birthday on the 20th, although I went out riding all that day, so then we had another little cake ceremony on the 21st!

forecast for this week

Monday Sunny 17 / 35°C
Tuesday Mostly sunny 23 / 41°C
Wednesday Mostly sunny 25 / 41°C
Thursday Mostly sunny 27 / 41°C
Friday Mostly sunny 23 / 39°C
Saturday Mostly sunny 23 / 35°C
Sunday Mostly sunny 23 / 37°C

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

follow the tour

sunshine and a long bike ride yesterday as I followed the tour down under up through the adelaide hills
Trevor, Juliet, and Craig heading up Checker hill in the adelaide hills. (bit like bluff...)

Trevor, Juliet, Craig, just starting to climb the KOM.
Tim Gudsell climbing well with the bunch

the peleton

kris withington with the best spot!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

baby George!

Welcome to Narly and Rachel's new baby boy, George Patrick. 6lb 6oz. 19/01/09 He's got more hair than Lucy, and she is 364 days older!

Monday, January 19, 2009

ellas entry for narlys challenge

Ellas entry. baby boy...


who needs a bowl, lets just smear breakfast all over the table, and some on the floor.

Tour Down Under

Just home from the tour down under, it's still 28deg outside (9.30pm) and was a great evening for watching cycling in the middle of Adelaide.
click for further info: Tour Down Under.

Tim Gudsell (kiwi from Te Awamutu) after breaking away for 2-3 laps and winning a sprint prime.

Lucy supporting NZ Riders
Ella and Maddie dancing on a truck deck (anything go's after 8.30pm)
first of many blurred images of Lance. (third cyclist from right to left) you'll just have to believe me.
another of Lance. (almost centre of frame, the one with yellow on his wheels)

Robbie McEwen won the final sprint, much to the joy of all the australians present.
Brace yourself for several more posts of cycling over the next week.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


well we have really hit summer here.
did you know that washing can dry on the line in about 13mins (when it's 43deg outside.)
yes, 43 degrees.
we have a steady northly breeze and temps that started thismorning at 28 deg at midnight, and progressed to 35 by 10am. (these temps are recorded out at the airport, which is 10km closer to the coast, and not surrounded by tarmac and buildings...
we went to the play ground but were the only ones there when it hit 37deg around 10.30, and currently outside in our back yard it is 43deg! too hot to walk on the beige paving stones in bare feet.
no make that 44 degrees in our back yard in the shade...

40.1°c @ 2:17:21 PM

40.2°c @ 2:02:32 PM

39.8°c @ 1:47:20 PM

39.8°c @ 1:32:21 PM

40°c @ 1:17:21 PM

39.3°c @ 1:02:44 PM

38.8°c @ 12:47:21 PM

39.3°c @ 12:32:21 PM

38.9°c @ 12:17:24 PM

38.2°c @ 12:02:25 PM

38°c @ 11:47:21 AM

37.7°c @ 11:32:21 AM

37.6°c @ 11:17:20 AM

36.9°c @ 11:02:26 AM

36.7°c @ 10:47:20 AM

36.2°c @ 10:32:23 AM

35.9°c @ 10:17:21 AM

35.2°c @ 10:02:23 AM

34.8°c @ 9:47:20 AM

33.5°c @ 9:32:20 AM

33.1°c @ 9:17:21 AM

32.5°c @ 9:02:27 AM

32.4°c @ 8:47:20 AM

32.1°c @ 8:32:20 AM

31.7°c @ 8:17:20 AM

30.7°c @ 8:02:22 AM

30.4°c @ 7:47:20 AM

29.8°c @ 7:32:20 AM

29.2°c @ 7:17:20 AM

28.7°c @ 7:02:23 AM

28.7°c @ 6:47:20 AM

27.6°c @ 6:32:20 AM

27.4°c @ 6:17:20 AM

27.6°c @ 6:02:24 AM

28.1°c @ 5:47:20 AM

28.2°c @ 5:32:20 AM

28°c @ 5:17:20 AM

27.8°c @ 5:02:23 AM

27.8°c @ 4:47:20 AM

27.8°c @ 4:32:20 AM

27.8°c @ 4:17:20 AM

27.9°c @ 4:02:23 AM

28.1°c @ 3:47:20 AM

28.2°c @ 3:32:20 AM

28.2°c @ 3:17:20 AM

28.3°c @ 3:02:24 AM

28.2°c @ 2:47:20 AM

28.9°c @ 2:32:20 AM

28.8°c @ 2:17:20 AM

28.7°c @ 2:02:24 AM

28.5°c @ 1:47:20 AM

28.4°c @ 1:32:20 AM

28.4°c @ 1:17:20 AM

28.4°c @ 1:02:30 AM

looking at me?

looking at me?