Tuesday, September 30, 2008

cars and bbq's

last sunday me and the girls went down the road to watch over 1500 vintage cars in a rally from the beach here in Adelaide up to a motoring museum at birdwood in the Adelaide hills.
See the link here.

we arrived a little late, so didn't see them all, and Ella and her friend Holly both got a bit bored after an hour or so, so we didn't stay to see the last of them... I heard it takes over 2 hours for the full 1500 or so cars to circulate past.

anyway Ella was pretty excited about the whole thing, esp when she discovered if she jumped up and down and yelled at the top of her voice to 'beep your horn!' that 9 out of 10 would respond!!!

obviously not often that Ella and Holly get encouraged to yell at the top of their voices, and get such an excited response when they do...

Ella and new friends playing Hungry Hippo! (the three fairies!)

then a little later after the BBQ we changed from fairies to mermaids! just to keep everyone guessing...

Friday, September 26, 2008


just playing on the computer

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Danish Bike Show

Went to a Danish Bike Show/Exhibition last week, and had a look at a variety of bikes from high tech trikes, to round town, and shop delivery bikes, to one the whole family can go in...

Think i still prefer the racing bike to this thing

This could be good for getting around town with both little girls in the front, in any weather.

or this one, just a little less stylish compartment at the front as it is basically a wooden box with seats.

this one without a chain, just a direct shaft drive
yes you can still buy these brand new in Denmark
this was a stylish business number with a leather satchel on the back.

And as for this number, just why someone went to the trouble of covering it in fur I have no idea, the genuine horns on the end of the bars are a nice touch though...

No Ang did not let me purchace any of the above.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jasmine's party

waiting for the train
beautiful sunny day to have a birthday at the park, for both Michelle and Jasmine.
boat full of party go'ers, who is the sober driver?
I just want juice Dad, honest...
right, hes not looking, make a dive for the beer...
Noooo Lucy, too many beers and you will roll down the hill like me!!!!!!

Dancing through the train station post party, who cares who's looking...
show us those night fever moves!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

where we are

this is a google image of Adelaide (looking from about 2km above), showing about where we live. We are at the top of the picture in north Adelaide then, as you move south you can see the Adelaide Oval (famous for cricket and AFL games, Link here) and home to sir Donald Bradman. Further south and over the torrens river you get into the central city. Where I have shown a path to the right is called Rundle mall, a pedestrian area for all the main street shops. then at the very bottom of the picture to the left is Grote street, home of the central market. (Link here) it takes me Ella and Lucy about 15mins to walk to town, (if Ella stays on the buggy, and about 25 if she walks) then we can save a few minutes if we get on the free tram down the main street and get to the central market in under 30mins.

This image is a bit closer about 550m above showing the path Ang takes when she walks the 7-10 mins to work at the childrens hospital. The whole of that city block is occupied by the womens and childrens hospital.
and this one (from about 1.5km above) showing how far it is from home to the closest golf course. (no I have not become a golf nut, I've only managed to make it there once so far, but hope to go a bit more.) takes about 3mins on the bike, prob 10min pulling the golf trundler...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

last week

day at the beach with (Left to right) Abby Michael Ella Jamie Lucy Ang and Lauren.
Lauren has a taste for sand!
Lucy had a go too!

The royal Adelaide Show. Highlights: Pig racing and diving...
Pig diving
Ella getting up close and personal with the farm yard animals
inclucing this friendly bull!
Look Poppa the sheep are this big!!!! (and they have horns!)
This is more my style...
Guy? can yours do this (and video below....)
Show bags, Trick is to have a big enough kid to counter balance the stroller to allow at least 20 show bags on the handles.
Show bag Hall. (bags full of lollies and plastic toys mostly) you pay from 5$ to 40$ ave=20$ and get 40-50$ worth of product (supposedly)

Ella and Hannah in the tunnels at the playground at Belair national park with Drew and Sarah. nice walk and fed the ducks, and the girls played in the playground.

Lantern festival Edgar park (on the way into town by the bandstand)
Ella and Maddy dancing

Monday, September 08, 2008

the fairies

sunday market (link here) in Rundle st is home to the fairys, and if they have been good, and tidied their bedrooms well, they are allowed to fly down from the magicical fairy land castle, and come and dance and paint faces with the children on Rundle st.
we have been 3-4 times now, and Ella is on first name basis with a few of fairies already...

Mia the pink fairy

Gem the green fairy and Ginger the orange fairy along with Ella the tiger!

Poppy the blue fairy and Ginger with Ella the rainbow fairy
Raya the rainbow fairy and Ella.

looking at me?

looking at me?