Wednesday, June 30, 2010

rainy days and kids with colds

Ella had a day off school this week, and I assume Ang and Ella had a great day, parked on the couch, watching DVD's all day and just chilling out.
that was a few days ago, today Ella is back to normal (apart from a bit of a cough) and her and Lucy had a ball after school making huts on the couches. (partly to have fun, and partly to keep warm.) Ella was like a caterpillar in a cocoon in her little hut.
the girls have been playing really well together these last few weeks, Lucy made me and Ella coffees (pretend ones of course) before bed, and then Lucy has to kiss Ella good-night every night these days. Don't know if it is that Lucy has worked out cuddles with big sister delays bed time another few minutes, or if she genuinely enjoys giving her big sister a cuddle before bedtime...

Monday, June 14, 2010

mr wood pigeon, (Kererū)

Mr Wood Pigeon (Kererū) has just discovered our Guava berries are ripe.  Maybe he has been checking, but today I noticed him for the first time, come to have a good old feast. He ate at least 15 while I was watching, and no juice spilled, just get em down whole...
that is not an adam's apple, its the berry bulge in his throat!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

the phone hug

there is this thing at our house, that when you are talking on the phone, you can apparently give the person at the other end a hug, by hugging the handset.
Both girls, in particular Lucy, (who started the idea off) love giving phone hugs.
Lucy showing her phone hug technique, note in this one that Lambert is also by default getting a hug, as the handset is partly hidden behind Lambert.
I'm not sure why Lucy is only in her nickers, given that it is about 3 degrees outside, sometimes telling a 2 year old that she has to wear clothes is like talking to a brick wall.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Lucy playing Humpty Dumpty

Lucy playing Humpty Dumpty on Theresa's Piano

Lucy and the Hokitoki

Lucy has really caught on with the whole dancing with actions thing. ok so it is only the Hokitoki but she loves it.

looking at me?

looking at me?