Wednesday, September 09, 2009

ok ok, time to update

finally have the computer on line and all sorted (and the time to get on it and organise some posts!)
It has been a busy month getting from Adelaide back to NZ and having some time of in between.

These are our good friends Prudence and Alan from around the corner, the girls loved visiting and swimming in their pool, and playing with the toys out of Prudence's toy cupboard!!!

Last Day at kindy, Ella was quite sad about leaving all her friends and Teachers at kindy, and will miss them all.

our first few nights away from Adelaide, we didn't get far, just down to Victor Harbour. (see link here) and had a great day watching the whales (just from the beach and rocks) and spending hours in the Whale info center looking at all the impressive displays.
lots of Whale bones, this one just the head/jaw bone!
a cool collection of Shark stuff too. (part of Rodney Fox's collection...) the coast off Adelaide being famous for the great white shark... (see link to Swim with the Sharks here.)

looking at me?

looking at me?