Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Ella making her self at home with mr and mrs monkey...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Duathalon and packing

should have spent all today packing bags, but managed to get talked into competing in a duathalon instead.
only did the short distance event 2km run 11km ride 2 km run, and managed ok. (have been running 2x week these last few weeks so managed ok) although i am sure the calves will be sore tomorrow.
I don't think i will be too concerned though, as we are off on holiday for a while now, starting tomorrow so the legs will have plenty of rest.
(am taking the running shoes though)

Ang is doing well, and even has a little tummy now... must be about 17 weeks or there abouts...

Ella has been ill, and is still coughing a bit at night, but I am sure some warmer weather will help her get over that....

may not get a chance to update the blog for a few weeks, look forward to some good long updates after our break away...

Catch you all later.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

late July

having quite big tea parties these days, have to invite more than 2 soft toys usually to warrant boiling the kettle and getting the fake lunch out...
the massive train system set up on the floor, which achieved using all the pieces available...
Ok so maybe Ella didn't quite do this on her own, but who says the kids have to have all the fun...

don't quite know what this expression was for, maybe it was something to do with the distinct lack of sleep, and distraction needed to get dinner into Ella. (or maybe it was just an effort to hold her own head up she was so tired...)
aren't other kids toys just so much better than your own, (Yes Ella we will take note, maybe you will have to write to Santa...) (dad might have to give in to the dolls house, but i know Ella would much prefer some new diggers for in the sand pit...)
Walking with the crew from Focus Health

at Maraiatotra Falls

looking at me?

looking at me?