Wednesday, April 21, 2010

school holidays

First school holidays!. what to do.
well you would think there would be more time for updating the blog!  ha ha.
here are a few pics of what we did get up to over the break.
Good Friday and sat with nine kids!  breakfast anyone? Easter was great
Lucy hitching a ride with Libby
Walk on the beach, great weather!!!
a little exploring in the rock pools
Easter sunday and just a few eggs to find in the garden
then of course you have to sit on the deck and eat them!

Lucy helping dad with a batch of scones
this is Lucy's idea of a grin
Lucy just getting where she wants to go by dragging the step around, able to get up high to the shelf with the left over easter eggs!!
see Daddy, I can get the eggs by my self. Great.
a bit of dancing and dress up of course (with Ella L who was here for a play date.)
several sessions at the play ground of course 
then up to Grandma and Barry's beach for a few days too. 
Mum and girls on a little walk, check out the lack of swell, there was no big waves, and everone enjoyed a swim on more than one occasion! not tooooooo cold once you get in...
there was a cool area at low tide that left a shallow pool that was a few degrees warmer than the ocean. that was nice to lay in the sun! and good for skimming along on the body board too
A bit of Lego building (we found Roger and Michaels stash of old childhood lego and both girls were quite into it!)
Lucy is always up for a little cuddle with the neighbours! Tom and Lucy are soooo good together.
Joe's african creation. this is obviously the water hole.
Ella went with  more flowers and butterflies and a horse scene, (must be in Australia, thanks to the Koala in the corner)
this was yesterday, back into the school routeen and Lucy and I went down to the village for music and Dancing, followed by coffee. nice.

today we dropped Ella at school and then came home for a bit of painting!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Narly

Happy Birthday Big Fella.
You turned 21 in our house-hold today.
No body helped me make the cake, (they were all too busy playing games) but Lucy helped me with the icing.

First she chose the colour, Pink! then she helped me lick the bowl....

Lucy also insisted on having a pretty flower, no matter how much I tried to convince her otherwise.

Sorry Narly but a pink cake with a flower is better than no cake!

looking at me?

looking at me?