Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

Lucy and the Slippery Dip (Slide)

Lucy just couldn't get enough of this slide, and wasn't at all bothered when Dad let her go, which resulted in a slight barrel roll half way down...

fairy sundays

last week Ella was a fairy princess,

Lucy just enjoyed playing with her toes...

This week Ella asked to be a beautiful pink Tiger. (unsure where that came from but Sabrina was very obliging with a very good effort on the pink tiger)

Ella had made her very own fairy wand during the week, and so this week she had practiced her fairy wish song, and granted Mia a wish of her own.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

countdown to christmas

there are a few things starting to accumulate under the christmas tree now, so Ella is doing the big count down to christmas, 'then can I open them Dad?....'

Friday, December 12, 2008

the big slippery dip

this is the big slide, (or 'slippery dip' as they are known here in Adelaide ?why I don't know) 10mins bike ride up the river path from home. looks rather daunting, but has a long easy run out at the bottom so no rough landings were had by Ella as she enjoyed an hour or so at this park with her friends Holly and Lewis.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

the zoo!

Ella and the very friendly Giraffe.

more to come this weekend.
I'm bachelor this weekend, as Ang is away for work, and it's just me and the kids home for the weekend.
Been a busy week, with Barry and Margaret here visiting. have some more photos to put up on the blog, but right now have some house work to tend to and an early night to bed I hope!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Adelaide Christmas Pageant

Photos from Saturdays christmas pageant
random pink monster

dog and cat in bin

old cars and clowns


mounted police

Mel with Holly, and Me with Ella. (both Ella and Holly dressed as fairys for the occasion)

london bus (to state the obvious)

snow white

toby the truck

And Santa obviously, only I didn't catch him on camera.
now we were not front row obviously, supposedly you have to be there at 7 am to get front row positions... then as the road is closed the kids spend a few hours drawing on the road with chalk, before the procession comes along. We took the easier way, turning up after the pageant had started around 9.30 (at the other end of the city centre) and watched it from a vantage point a little back from the road, then walked from there to the nearest playground as soon as Santa had gone out of site. (avoiding the whole santa cave option that several will have waited several hours for.)
Anyway that is another South Australian icon ticked off our list of things to do while in SA...

southland tour

glad I was in Warm Adelaide and not Invercargill for the southland tour this year. check out this poor cyclist, took a bit long stopping for a pee...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

beaches and pony rides

start of November has been nice and warm here. Last week ended with a 33deg day on Thursday and high twenty's fri / sat, which makes going out with the girls easier. This is on our way out to the central market on Saturday morning, to get some fruit and veg. Barbie had to come for a ride too... we parked next to the lions in china town...

Look at the big lion Daddy

Then in the afternoon we went out to the beach with Holly Lewis Mel and Rudi.Lucy was having a ball
then we went down to the sea for a paddle, Ella was the first to get naked...
the water was surprisingly warm

Holly got in too, and they made mud pies together.

Sunday and we were up into the hills in the opposite direction. Lewis (younger brother to Holly) was having a 2 year old party at the biggest rocking horse in the world. (toy factory and petting zoo) see link here.

Ella enjoyed a ride on 'Trippy' the little pony and we saw plenty of Peacocks getting there feathers out, (being spring all the boys were a bit excitable...)

then nothing like a tea party in the back yard with Teddy, Daddy and Mummy (behind camera)

Thursday, October 30, 2008


what a month. been a bit slack on updating the blog, as those of you who check it occasionally have been reminding me... Sorry to those who got utterly sick of seeing Ella sitting in a baby bath on the back porch. perhaps November will be a better month for updating web sites...

perhaps I could reward myself with ice cream for every blog entry I get posted within a day of the event? or maybe Ella will then eat tooooooo much icecream.

Lucy didn't get any icecream she just had to sit and watch her big sister eat it, while she chewed on Daddys sunnys.

Lunch out at Stephen and Angelas place. lovely view. (had to brush all the spiders off the rocking horse before Ella could have a go though. I still prefer NZ on that count)

Lucy and Stephen, and the local produce...

cant remember if this was in the morning or just before bed, but Lucy is still in her PJ's.
Perhaps morning going by how happy they both are in this photo.

Ella proud of her book that she produced at the library craft/story session and Lucy spent the session rolling around the library floor entertaining all present..

filling in time before Ella's first swimming lesson of this term, at the playground next to the aquatic centre.

Lucy with a cheeky grin on

Lucy's first adventure down the step and outside. she almost bumped her nose on the way down, but luckily Mum was there to quickly catch her nose before it hit the tiles!

Ella's swim lessons at the octo-pool

Lucy with her tongue out

my helper in the kitchen

needs no explanation

this was immediately after spending 3hours weeding and tidying the kindy playground and front yard, at their spring workingbee. Note: temp 35deg. we had to call in at the bottle store on the way home for some local bubbles to cool Dad down. Ella helped carry them home for me.

Every stay at home Dad needs one of these, its the 'get your beers home behind the push chair thingy' patent and copyright pending...

here we are at a big indoor play ground and cafe, we rode the bikes 45mins to get here (again just over 30deg...) and it was nice to be at least in the shade while the kids had a good old session in the play area. coffee close at hand too which was nice...
Ella had a ball on the 'slippery dip'... that is what a slide is know as here in South Australia.
Lucy lost her cracker...

And Ella made friends with a Storm trooper... (and her friend Holly)

Ella and Holly at a family fun day

action shot of Ella going down the slide today at a play ground/cafe

When you just have to shake your booty...
so on that note, (as I know you are now at least smiling... if not laughing out loud) I will try to keep things a little more up to date in November...
keep on dancing.

looking at me?

looking at me?