Friday, February 20, 2009

Italian 'Carnavale'

the other weekend we went to the Italian Carnavale, one of the many cultural festivals that Adelaide is famous for. (apparently there used to be a lot more, earning South Australia the name 'Festival State' but there is not quite as many these days) Anyway, we went and spent the morning doing everything Italian. It was quite nice, good coffee and pastry for brunch, Pasta and sea food for lunch. Ella had a ball colouring in and listening to stories thanks to the 'rainbow queen' and came home with a balloon dragonfly thanks to the clown. We didn't stay for the pasta and pizza eating contest, but Ella did have fun dancing to the Italian music in front of all the Italian Momma's which made them all smile. (no one else was dancing...)Ella and Ang checked out some cute little cars, and I checked out a few that would have been just a little faster...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

little climber

think we are going to have a climber before we have a walker...

looks ok from here

what is all the fuss about?

what do you mean you think I'll have trouble getting down again???

Friday, February 13, 2009

who let the plug out?

Daddy, who pulled the plug out of the ducks bath?

little poser

no pretty fountain, and the swans are all a bit upset... popeye the boat also grounded high and dry on the mud...

Click the green link to see ABC story:
Adelaides iconic pond (-dam on the river (stream) Torrens) lost its water yesterday, some malfunction at the weir, and by the time the workmen arrived and manually wound up the gate, the water had pretty much all gone...

going to be a smelly muddy eyesore for a few months till we get rain enough to fill it...

Saturday, February 07, 2009

just mentioning

that it is already 43 at our house (not complaining), just gone 10.30am, and it's quite windy outside too. Think it will be inside games again today... apart from maybe a swim later.
Ella and I have been busy in the kitchen while Lucy was asleep, and I am experimenting with baking in the BBQ, it seems criminal to have the air conditioning and the oven running inside at the same time...
anyway go the wind, it is supposedly bringing with it the cool change later today.

Friday, February 06, 2009

why is ice cream so cold?

Poor Lucy, had to have a lick of Dad's icecream tonight only to discover that it was quite cold on her little teeth.... the result was this screwed up funny face, that had us all in fits of laughter. (sorry Lucy...)

she eventually worked out the benefits of ice cream, and the face turned to cheeky smiles.


they like their trees over here! so much so that if there is one in the middle of where they want to build a road, they just leave it there and take the road around it..

this was taken this evening (i was out riding) looking west (sunset obviously) from the hills back across the CBD towards the coast.

they say we might get a day with a high in the mid 20's on sunday, only we will have to get through tomorrow first and that is forecast to be 43deg... I think I'm getting used to it actually.

this is one of the streets near our house, the Plane trees are not coping too well with the weather, and it looks like autumn now on the street, with all the dried up leaves falling (only they have missed the nice colour change stage, just gone brown and fallen off...)


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

nope still not enough

hair for clips or pretty hair ties.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

town in the heat

Just back from a trip to town to see the fairies at the sunday market... only the market must have been cancelled due to the heat. (a lot of things have been cancelled this week due to the 40+ heat wave we have been experiencing) anyway there was no market and no fairies so we stopped for a filled roll and then went on our way home via the Zoo. they have a new family of Ring tailed Lemur so I was keen to take Ella and show her the new arrivals.

then home straight away to the air con!!! as it was hitting 38 deg as we were walking home (or at least Dad was walking, Lucy riding, and Ella standing on the skateboard behind the buggy giving directions...)

(and now up to day 6 in a row that we have been over 40degrees not that anyone is counting...)

looking at me?

looking at me?