Wednesday, July 18, 2007

weekend in Taupo with Harrison

Spent last weekend in Taupo to catch up with Kate and Dion, and their son Harrison. Who Ella just couldn't stop kissing... what is going on there...

Daddy and Ella off for a run on Sunday morning, (do we really have to go for a run dad, it looks a bit snowy (re the frost on the grass...)
Worth getting up for the run, look at that view!

And what better way to reward a run than with a big cafe breakfast of bacon and eggs! Ella got a special Fluffy. (her fav!)

Then some play ground fun while the girls went shopping...
And then what better way to end the weekend than with a little snooze on the couch with Mum...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Swim bike and run

Nice day for a big swim on Thursday, nice to have Mum to swim with for a change.
then later on Thursday after a sleep, (Swimming makes you tired!!) we all went for a bike ride.
and got to stop for a snack...
Today Ella and I went for a walk up the peak, (well some of the way up anyway.) this is Ella power walking up hill, and then
Running down hill!!!!!!!!

We also went out and did some orienteering today, exploring our way up and down the banks of the Tuki Tuki. Ella eventually got too tired and opted for the back pack...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Farm day for the Cox's

Last Sunday while Ang was at work (she was sad to miss the trip) I took our UK friends Glen, Kate and their boys Tom and Joe out to the farm for a taste of farm life (uncle Cole style) .
Of course the day had to start with a drive on the tractor, which both the boys just loved.
then things stepped up a level with a ride on Uncle Cole's motorbike, I hope Tom remembered to hold on tight! Glen and Kate were surprisingly calm sitting on the step watching Tom tear off across the paddock...
Ella was quite happy with a cruise on the quad bike with me. (she turned Uncle Cole down on the fast bike ride? although I am sure that wont last long.)
Kate took to the Quad bike like a fish to water, and is seen here doing hot laps of the nearest paddock...
Glen got in on the game and had to take Kate for a joy ride too. Too hard to call who went the fastest, Glen would have risked bruised ribs had he opened it right up...
then all the kids were treated to a ride on Avenger, and much to my surprise Ella managed a ride all on her own (well with me holding her trousers at least) she had been a bit gun shy of the dogs and animals all morning and then rocked up front and center for first ride on Avenger so that was great.
I think Joe preferred the quad bike, but still had fun
Tom took it quite seriously and insisted on doing two laps!
Alex and Billy happened to turn up at the right time as well so Billy got in on the act and had a ride too.

Then the compulsary trip out to see the one eyed eel, (swimming variety, missing one eye) Both boys were keen to get in there and hand feed the farm pet,
Joe even tempted to stroke it on the nose.

Ella however, once faced with that big black eel appearing up out of the water to greet her was not so keen, and decided that on the bank was the better place to see the action and that right up close was for the boys...
these two eels have the good life here, hand fed every now and then, why migrate out to sea, when you have it all here!!!

Thanks Cole and Tania.

Then we all went into town and had meat balls for dinner at Grandma and Poppa's, and the kids all had a group bath! I then came home alone, and left Ella for a few nights sleep over at Grandma's due to me having to do some extra work this week to cover for other staff that are away during the school holidays. Ella had a ball and kept Grandma on her toes for a few days...
Wednesday was Sophie's Birthday, and Ang was off work, so Ang went to OngaOnga, and Grandma dropped Ella off, and the girls went to a girls party for Sophie's 2nd, finally getting home after 7pm (long party!!)
This weekend Ang is on nights, so Dad and Ella are hanging out, trying to keep warm (temp dropped again to low single digits) and generally keeping away from the house or else keeping very quiet.

Just had a great call from Mike and Yvoine, who are currently singing at the top of their voices at the Sydney installment of the live earth concert (on 7/7/7) singing to Crowded House 'Don't dream its over' with thousands of others!!! very jealous...

looking at me?

looking at me?